We'd like to share some stories of people our projects have impacted.

Since its creation in the year 2000, the state of Uttarakhand has not seen much development of its medical infrastructure. There is a widespread lack of access to even the most basic medical services.

The Hans Foundation has undertaken some major projects to address the need for medical care.

We have established an extension of The Hans Foundation called Hans Eye Care to address the lack of medical care in Uttarakhand and other states.

Shri Hans Karuna Hospital

The Hans Foundation has decided to build ‘Shri Hans Karuna Hospital’ in Satpuli, Uttarakhand. Satpuli is a small town near Kotdwar that is highly accessible to the surrounding rural population.

The hospital will be a 60-bed, state-of-the-art facility built on an 8-acre land parcel. The hospital will provide primary care (OPD) as well as specialized care in orthopedics, surgery, eye-care, gynecology, pediatrics, ENT, and emergency services. There will also be a trauma center and a blood bank.

Shri Hans Karuna Hospital started OPD operations in January 2013, and will be fully operational in mid-2014.

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Shri Hans Eye Hospital

To address rampant causes of blindness in Uttarakhand, The Hans Foundation has started to work on an eye hospital in Haridwar.

The hospital will utilize a hub-and-spoke strategy to cover as much geographic area as possible.

An extensive network will be built to diagnose and treat the major causes of blindness such as cataracts and glaucoma.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Mobile Health Clinics

Rural villages all over India face a chronic lack of medical care. Our team has pioneered a method of providing for hard-to-reach areas that require the most attention.

We built a network of well equipped health clinics built into vans. Our 26 drive around key areas of need we have identified and provide primary health facilities to thousands of people.

By carefully choosing the routes our vans run, we maximize the number of people covered by our network.

Ever since we started running our mobile health vans, we have seen our model duplicated by many organizations across India. We couldn’t be happier with this phenomenon our efforts have created, and we encourage others to participate in this movement and provide for the millions of people who need a way to access a doctor.

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Women’s Empowerment

In many villages in Alwar, Rajasthan, many widows have to raise their young children in extreme poverty.

With incomes as little as Rs. 1000/month these women struggle to find where their next meal will come from.

Basic farming on small infertile plots of land, or daily hard labor wages make every day a challenge for them and their children.

With Nari Utthan Sansthan we decided to provide two buffaloes to every woman that needed our help.

We sponsored programs to teach them animal husbandry and dairy farming. These women, eager to build a better life for their children, learned the best ways to care for their buffaloes.

The women bring the buffalo milk to a chilling plant that we built to connect them to national dairy wholesalers. With their hard work and dedication, they have, at a minimum, quadrupled their incomes. They take great pride in being able to support their families, and we take great pride in serving them.

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