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“ The Hans Foundation has helped us developed a scalable and effective model for our last-mile mental health services. With our combined efforts of building a staff of mental health professionals, we were able to effectively attend to people that needed our mental health services. ”

“The Hans Foundation right from the first meeting came across as a very professional organization with in-depth knowledge about the status of children particularly those with special needs. With very clear pre-assessment requirements, the entire processes of funding were very transparent and unambiguous. An organization known for its flexibility, the most striking feature is the trust and understanding with which they handle the implementing partner organization. The relationship is not that of a donor and recipient but that of genuine concern and acceptance. The non-judgmental attitude of the The Hans Foundation team lays greater emphasis on achievable goals and accepting ground realities rather than imaginary unachievable high expectations from partner NGOs.

The support in terms of infrastructure up gradation extended by The Hans Foundation has helped Satya not only improve the quality of services offered but also made Satya into a model centre for others to emulate. From very basic facilities where mother’s had to wait long hours for their appointments with the rehabilitation professionals, the support from Hans has helped Satya increase its human resources were simultaneously 7-8 children are provided all the needed services.

As an organisation we always knew that we needed certain specialised equipments that would help in improving the quality of services we offered. The support that we have received from The Hans Foundation has made this dream into a reality. We are sure, that with their support and assistance, the face of disability rehabilitation is set for a path-breaking change in Puducherry.”

Asha Ka Jharna is fortunate to receive financial and strategic support for its schools for children with special needs here in rural Rajasthan. We are indebted to The Hans Foundation for your role in supporting grass rots organizations like us with the objectives to serve humanity. Your continued support to our cause has been instrument in exploring the full potential of special children in this countryside by providing them as well as their parents the best possible quality services.

Direct beneficiaries, that is, special needs children are being provided with special education, training, therapeutic intervention, transportation to and from school, daily nutrition supplements, school supplies, two pairs of uniforms, medical checkups twice a year and medical facilities whenever needed.

Now these children and their families can look forward to a better future with new hope.

Sudeep Goyal
Secretary, Asha Ka Jharna

The Hans Foundation came as a blessing for the people, especially the young girls of the project area. There was no opportunity available for young girls to access education within their villages. Despite the willingness of some of the families to educate them, they could not send them for schooling.

The RASTA staff had motivated them to get an education but scarcity of resources became an issue, and the girls remained deprived of their right to an education. The Hans Foundation showed them the way by giving desired support. A large number of girls got the opportunity to get an education. Many areas of societal development were also affected by the support of The Hans Foundation such as women organization, reduced child marriage, increased school enrollment, vocational skills development, and linkages with government resources for additional services.

The Hans foundation has given new hope to hundreds of girls in the form of support to RASTA. It has been a great and memorable experience to associate with The Hans Foundation.

K. C. Pant

“As we reflect upon our achievements of the past few years, one thing that strikes out is our reach to schools not under our charter. Children in these special schools are equally special and need a hand to hold at every step. Our mid day meals have given the teachers an opportunity to be with their children at all times, catering to their diverse needs and not worry about where the meals of the day would come from.

The joy of seeing a girl walk who wasn’t even able to sit by herself few years ago is unparalleled. This feat of being able to reach out to schools focused on special children would have been impossible without the continued support from The Hans Foundation. And to this, we would like to generously thank you. Not only for helping reach out to these children but also supporting a section otherwise neglected.

In the coming years, we hope to reach out to many more such schools. And together with The Hans Foundation’s help take a step towards changing the face of the nation.”

An organization with a vision to see a positive change in the society where tradition rules over sensibility and where individuals combat with keeping up to do something right over some ill advised tradition. Reaching parts of the ignored masses, Community Educational Centre Society has been trying to mark its presence not in name but through its deeds. The Hans Foundation is playing a pivotal role in pushing the work of CECS as a forceful and impactful element in Nagaland, and helping make a difference in the lives of people who need it.

Since The Hans Foundation extended support in the year 2010, the organization’s pilot school for children, Community Education Centre School under Rajeshwari Karuna Shiksha Yojna has been growing under its support and has had very successful implementation. Education for marginalized children is a program started in this year, which has helped develop potential students coming from economically poor sections of the society. Till date, there are 419 enrolled students, who are being educated and are provided with low cost or no cost education.

The Hans Foundation leadership took keen interest in understanding our Mobile Medical Clinic (MMC) program, the challenges faced, and how the program helps to change the lives of the end beneficiary. Once convinced on the overall purpose and the vision of the program, the THF team empowered AmeriCares to focus on the program. We appreciate the trust and confidence the THF leadership exhibits in their partners. It boosts the passion and energy of the entire team working on the ground to make a difference.

The Hans Foundation’s support has been instrumental in reinforcing our vision ‘to deliver quality primary care to the marginalized population in urban slums’. THF, by supporting innovative and unconventional models like the Mobile Medical Clinic (MMC) is acting as a catalyzing change agent in the field of social healthcare in India. I believe that THF’s support will lead us to establish best practice model for delivering quality ‘primary care for the urban poor’ that is scalable and replicable with support of local government bodies and public private partnerships.

Shripad Desai
Managing Director, AmeriCares India


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